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 The 2014 Baccalaureate Service will be held at 5:00 p.m., Friday, May 16 

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Tyler Robinson '14

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Welcome to Huntingdon College on the Web!

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You have found a special place, where Faith, Wisdom, and Service are the hallmarks of the Huntingdon College tradition. Huntingdon College, founded in 1854 as a College of the United Methodist Church, serves the people of Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, the Southeast, and beyond. We offer a mind-broadening liberal arts education that welcomes students to learn and to grow in an atmosphere nurturing each student’s faith and intellect. Whether you are returning to this site as a former visitor, or visiting as a friend, alumna/us, former student, parent, or prospective student, we invite you to learn more about the Huntingdon College of today.

Welcome to a college that changes lives. Huntingdon faculty and staff are dedicated to helping students find what they are called to do with their lives by identifying and strengthening their knowledge, skills, talents, and abilities. Here, you will discover what you have to offer the world, as well as what the world offers and needs of you. The College’s motto, engraved above the entrance to Flowers Hall, serves as our guiding statement: "Enter to Grow in Wisdom, Go Forth to Apply Wisdom in Service." 

Although the Web can provide you with important information about Huntingdon College, there are two things it can’t quite capture: the beauty of our campus, and the friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The best way to know Huntingdon is to visit. Stroll through the Green, where, on warm, sunny days, students will sit with a good book or with their laptop computers (provided upon enrollment). Buildings of Collegiate Gothic architecture surround the Green in a campus that is sparkling with life and with opportunities. Huntingdon is a comfortable place where every student is known and where relationships with faculty, staff, and students form lifetime bonds. A mission of Faith, Wisdom, and Service; deep and lasting traditions; vibrant student life programs; nationally recognized academic programs; and award-winning athletics are all part of Huntingdon College.

Huntingdon College is a transforming experience. Whether you are looking at the College for the first time or Huntingdon has been a part of your history, please come for a visit. We look forward to welcoming you.

Faithfully your president,
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J. Cameron West 

Huntingdon College is a college
of the United Methodist Church.

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