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September 06, 2013
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Huntingdon College
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Huntingdon Family Weekend and Homecoming coming September 27–29

Homecoming 2012 Family Weekend and Homecoming at Huntingdon offer a little bit of everything for everyone:  beautiful choral music; high-stakes action with Huntingdon football and soccer; pageantry with the Homecoming court; warm, renewed friendship and the making or re-living of memories; family togetherness; tailgating; T-shirts; and even fireworks!  Register before September 18 using the Homecoming Reservation Form (if you're an alum) or the Family Weekend Form (if you're a parent) available at the links above.  If you're both, fill out both!  This year's festivities include Host Day for prospective students, as well, so bring along any Future Hawks and introduce them to a great college experience!  Family Weekend and Homecoming coincide September 27–29.


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