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November 21, 2013
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Huntingdon chemistry students, faculty present research at SERMACS

Chemistry studentsThree Huntingdon chemistry faculty and 10 Huntingdon students and alumni presented research at the 2013 Southeastern Regional American Chemical Society meeting in Atlanta, November 13–16.
Oral research papers presented included:
1. “Correlating N-alkyl group electronegativities with DFT-computed Parr global electrophilicity values of imidate ester analogs,” Jeremy M. Carr1, A. Paige Lathem2, and Gregory S. Tschumper3.
1-Huntingdon College
2-A. Paige Lathem is currently in the Department of Chemistry, Washington State University, and is a Class of 2013 Chemistry graduate of Huntingdon College.
3-Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, University of Mississippi.  
2. “Improving student learning outcomes in general chemistry using a first-year Chemistry Wizard Program: Three years of assessment,” Maureen Kendrick Murphy1 and Doba D. Jackson1.
1-Huntingdon College
Poster research presentations included:
1. “Can cosmetic surfactants be benignly precipitated from aqueous solution?” Erica Keith1, Mallorie N. Richardson1, Kali Sands1, Haley S. Leach1, and Jeremy M. Carr1.
1Huntingdon College  
2. “Solvent effects on the absorption maxima of conjugated dyes: Testing the applicability of the particle-in-the-box model,” Allyson Brislinger1, Carly Williamson1, and Maureen Kendrick Murphy1.
1Huntingdon College  
3. “Investigations into the preparation of NHC-ligated copper(II) acetate complexes,” Keegan C. Lambeth1, Ginger Tyson2, Chasity M. Ward3, and Jeremy M. Carr1.
1Huntingdon College 
2Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Mississippi State University, Huntingdon Class of 2012.  
3 Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Auburn University, Huntingdon Class of 2013.  


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