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May 04, 2010
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Huntingdon Announces Appointments to College Judicial Board

Montgomery, Ala.—The Huntingdon College Office of Student Life has announced the names of the students who will serve on the College’s Judicial Board for the 2010–11 academic year. The members of the Judicial Board consider cases where students are accused of committing violations of the College Honor Code or other matters important to the life and health of members of the student body. The 2010–11 Judicial Board members are:

Chief Justice:
Jeremy Reid, Class of 2011, majoring in communication studies, from Montgomery, Ala.

Associate Chief Justice:
Rebekah Redden, Class of 2011, majoring in history and religion, from Montgomery, Ala.

Associate Justices:
Russ Barnwell, Class of 2013, majoring in political science, from Jacksonville, Ala.
Alexis Johnson, Class of 2012, majoring in political science and English, from Wetumpka, Ala.
Allyn Powell, Class of 2012, majoring in English, from Andalusia, Ala.
Lyndsey Weber, Class of 2011, majoring in biology, from Selma, Ala.
Winston Wooten, Class of 2013, majoring in psychology and chemistry, from Dothan, Ala.

Faculty representatives appointed to the Judicial Board for 2010–11 are Dr. Jimmy Jeffcoat, professor of religion, and Jaime Demick, assistant professor of physics.

Huntingdon College, grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition of the United Methodist Church, is committed to nurturing growth in faith, wisdom, and service and to graduating individuals prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Founded in 1854, Huntingdon is a coeducational liberal arts college. The College motto, “Enter to grow in wisdom; go forth to apply wisdom in service,” is inscribed in stone above the front door of John Jefferson Flowers Hall. The Huntingdon campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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