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July 22, 2010
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Huntingdon Announces Class of 2010 ADCP Graduates

Montgomery, Ala.—Huntingdon College has announced the 96 members of the Adult Degree Completion Program Class of 2010 who completed their degrees and collected their diplomas earlier this summer.

The Adult Degree Completion Program provides accelerated-format courses that meet just one night a week for five weeks. The program is offered at the College’s main campus in Montgomery and at Enterprise-Ozark Community College in Enterprise; the campuses of Jefferson State Community College in Center Point, Shelby, Clanton, and Pell City; locations in Bay Minette and Daphne; and the campus of Jefferson Davis Community College in Brewton. In August, Huntingdon’s Baldwin County ADCP program will move to offices and classrooms at Faulkner State Community College.

The following students, listed in order by state and hometown, graduated as members of the Huntingdon College ADCP Class of 2010:

First Middle Maiden/Previous Last City State Honors Campus
Brian Douglas Curry Adger Ala. Magna Cum Laude Shelby
Katherine Allison Delawder Balog Alabaster Ala. Cum Laude Birmingham
Lori S. Dotson Davis Alabaster Ala. Cum Laude Shelby
Shelley Elizabeth Kitchens Reardon Alabaster Ala. Shelby
Diane Brake Brake Everette Atmore Ala. Bay Minette
Athena Rhea Destiny Rider Harris Atmore Ala. Cum Laude Bay Minette
Jennifer Leigh Gipson Prestridge Atmore Ala. Magna Cum Laude Brewton
Detrick L. Riley Atmore Ala. Brewton
Rebecca Burdon Burdon Masic Auburn Ala. Cum Laude Montgomery
Starla Elaine Byrd Allen Bay Minette Ala. Cum Laude Bay Minette
Dana Marie Austin Bay Minette Ala. Cum Laude Bay Minette
Vinson Joel Bradley Bay Minette Ala. Bay Minette
Deanna LaShay Broadhead Bay Minette Ala. Cum Laude Daphne
Kay Hall Hall Corley Bay Minette Ala. Magna Cum Laude Bay Minette
Amanda Marie McKinley Selph Bay Minette Ala. Magna Cum Laude Bay Minette
Lisa Stow Bay Minette Ala. Bay Minette
Erin Nicole Tuberville Bay Minette Ala. Bay Minette
Russell Scott Wallace Bay Minette Ala. Magna Cum Laude Bay Minette
Michael Bret Smith Bessemer Ala. Birmingham
Steven Dwight Allen, Jr. Birmingham Ala. Shelby
Misty Lea Hendrickson Appling Birmingham Ala. Shelby
Kasey James Ashline Birmingham Ala. Birmingham
Tina Kathryn Bourland Birmingham Ala. Shelby
Treva Clifton Birmingham Ala. Birmingham
Sonya Annette Hammell Birmingham Ala. Birmingham
Eddric Gerard Hardaway Birmingham Ala. Cum Laude Birmingham
Cristiane R. Rodrigues Hume Birmingham Ala. Cum Laude Shelby
Joshua Scott Kirby Birmingham Ala. Shelby
LaKeitha Michelle Miller Birmingham Ala. Birmingham
Deonna Montrell Moore Birmingham Ala. Birmingham
Jill Ann Merryfield Ramon Birmingham Ala. Cum Laude Shelby
Donna Marie DeLong Steele Birmingham Ala. Shelby
Amanda C. Bell Blackburn Brewton Ala. Brewton
Karen Marie Kelley Blair Brewton Ala. Magna Cum Laude Brewton
Andrew J. Daugherty Brewton Ala. Brewton
Halie Ann Ellis Brewton Ala. Brewton
Ginger C. Jordan Halford Brewton Ala. Brewton
George Mike Hendricks Brewton Ala. Magna Cum Laude Brewton
Natalia Woods Payne Brewton Ala. Brewton
Jennifer Louise Thompson/Lee Pollitte Brewton Ala. Magna Cum Laude Brewton
Ginger Yoder Simmons Brewton Ala. Cum Laude Brewton
Mary Trainor Trainor Baker Calera Ala. Cum Laude Shelby
Africa Letrell Dunning Green Calera Ala. Shelby
Jacob Daniel Jones Calera Ala. Shelby
Vernell Jones Calera Ala. Birmingham
April Michelle Etheridge Lucas Castleberry Ala. Brewton
Sheri Louise Hodge Stephens Chelsea Ala. Shelby
Kimberly Patrice Green Williams Childersburg Ala. Cum Laude Birmingham
Tamarah Annette Todd Grimes Deatsville Ala. Montgomery
Michael Thomas Martin Dothan Ala. Cum Laude Enterprise
Bridget LaShaye Dawson/Ward McCarter Dothan Ala. Enterprise
Shann Delois Smith Tolbert Dothan Ala. Enterprise
Gina Roxanne Griffin Griffin Enterprise Ala. Enterprise
Beverly Marie Taylor Johnson Enterprise Ala. Enterprise
Elizabeth Ann Grace McCaskill Evergreen Ala. Brewton
Doris Jackson Jackson Jones Foley Ala. Bay Minette
Kevin Dawayne Hodges Gardendale Ala. Cum Laude Birmingham
Matthew Nicholas Downs Hoover Ala. Shelby
Rebecca Denise Leake Lindsay Hoover Ala. Shelby
Teresa Ann Rhodes Lavergne Hope Hull Ala. Magna Cum Laude Montgomery
Nancy McLeod Burns/McLeod Jackson Huntsville Ala. Montgomery
Kimberly Young Louie Ware Irondale Ala. Birmingham
Christina Janee Babineaux McCalla Ala. Cum Laude Birmingham
Jason Wayne McCormick McCalla Ala. Cum Laude Shelby
Lan H. Nguyen Mobile Ala. Bay Minette
Jeffrey Mark Barrera Montgomery Ala. Montgomery
Rick D. Dunaway Montgomery Ala. Montgomery
Michael Bryan Matthews Montgomery Ala. Montgomery
Eugenia Princelle Brooks Ricks Montgomery Ala. Montgomery
Lisa Joy Simmons Hart Moody Ala. Cum Laude Shelby
Ranelle Marie Lucas Johnson Moody Ala. Pell City
Kristen Jean Goodworth Lay Moody Ala. Birmingham
Jennifer Ann Martindale Mooney New Brockton Ala. Enterprise
Lacey Nicole O’Gwin Davis New Castle Ala. Birmingham
Kevin Darick Sargent Odenville Ala. Pell City
Laura Ann Cooper/Bess Norris Opp Ala. Enterprise
Laura Ellen Mynard Pride Ozark Ala. Enterprise
Tina Marie Murphy/Spargo Broome Pell City Ala. Pell City
Tara Jo Smith McCay Pell City Ala. Magna Cum Laude Pell City
Shannon Bouvier Glaze Pike Road Ala. Montgomery
John Christopher Cleveland Pinson Ala. Magna Cum Laude Birmingham
Danny Lee Crawley Pinson Ala. Birmingham
Feneshia Lakia Pugh Pleasant Grove Ala. Shelby
Stephanie Rene Bruner Fielder Prattville Ala. Montgomery
Caryn Peyton Hedgepath Walker Silverhill Ala. Magna Cum Laude Bay Minette
Helen Renee Carroll Springville Ala. Cum Laude Birmingham
Corey Jennings Webb Springville Ala. Pell City
Charles Alan Arnold Trussville Ala. Cum Laude Shelby
Michael Keith Brown Trussville Ala. Birmingham
Fredrick Cecil Folsom, Jr. Trussville Ala. Cum Laude Shelby
Melissa Lynn Honeycutt Trussville Ala. Birmingham
Cheryl D. Mashburn Yaw Trussville Ala. Birmingham
Amanda Marie Gipson Voss Warrior Ala. Cum Laude Shelby
Johnny Wayne Holloway, Jr. West Blocton Ala. Shelby
Pamela Suzanne Calhoun McHaney Wetumpka Ala. Montgomery
Benjamin Courtney Seales Century Fla. Bay Minette

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