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August 09, 2011
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Huntingdon College
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Microburst storm hits Huntingdon campus

Tree at library

Montgomery, Ala.—A microburst storm uprooted and split trees, downed limbs, knocked over fences, and caused a power outage on the Huntingdon College campus yesterday afternoon.  No personal injuries were reported and damage to buildings and structures was minimal, but the campus lost up to 15 large trees across the Green, in front of Houghton Library, in front of the Wilson Center, and at Delchamps President's Home.  A tree next to the Wilson Center fell onto a car, but the occupant was not injured.  A team of student-athletes, staff, and coaches forfeited their last full day of summer to work throughout the day to cut the fallen trees into sections and discard the refuse. 

More photos are posted on the Huntingdon Facebook page.

Tree on car, Wilson split tree on The Green 


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