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January 26, 2012
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Huntingdon College announces fall 2011 traditional day student Dean's List honorees

Montgomery, Ala. -- At the end of each semester, the Huntingdon College Registrar's Office issues two lists of full-time day students who have achieved academic distinction.  The Dean's List of High Honors recognizes those who have achieved semester grade point averages of 3.8 to 4.00. The Dean's List of Honors recognizes those who have achieved semester averages of 3.6 to 3.79. To be eligible for inclusion on either list, a student must have received letter grade evaluations on at least 12 hours during the term and must have completed all course work for the term. An "incomplete" grade on a student's grade report precludes the student's inclusion on the Dean's List.

Dean's List of High Honors, Fall 2011

First Middle Last
Major(s) City State Country
Jack             Oakley           Allen               
Religion                                                        Fort Walton Beach  Florida                                     
Macon            Bradley          Armistead           
Youth Ministry                                                  Hartselle        Alabama                                     
Savannah         Leona            Barber              
English                                                         Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Stephen          Michael          Barebo              
Youth Ministry/Religion                                   Shalimar         Florida                                     
Russell          Ethan            Barnwell            
Political Science/English                                    Jacksonville     Alabama                                     
Arielle          Bernal           Barraca             
Cell Biology                                                    Destin           Florida                                     
Luv              Danielle         Bartlett            
Christian Education                                             Ozark            Alabama                                     
Jacob            Edward           Bechert             
Accounting/Business Administration                       Union Grove      Alabama                                     
Kylee            Alexandra        Blake               
Athletic Training                                               Homewood         Alabama                                     
William          Blake            Bosch               
Biology                                                         Tuscaloosa       Alabama                                     
Patricia         Carol            Brown               
Elementary Education                                            Wetumpka         Alabama                                     
Kati             Christine        Bryant              
Communication Studies/English                                    Petal            Mississippi                                     
Garrett          Shannon          Bullock             
Sport Studies                                                   Wetumpka         Alabama                                     
James            Wells            Butler              
Cell Biology                                                    Dothan           Alabama                                     
Rhett            Sim              Butler              
Religion                                                        Eclectic         Alabama                                     
Kathryn          Abigail          Carter              
Psychology                                                      Charlotte        North Carolina                                     
Kayla            Jane             Causby              
Elementary Education                                            Prattville       Alabama                                     
Tyler            Matthew          Chaffee             
Digital Art                                                     Greenville       South Carolina                                     
India                             Chaney              
Biology                                                         Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Ann              Elizabeth        Clancy              
Political Science                                               Ferrisburg       Vermont                                     
Joseph           F.               Clements            
Religion                                                        Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Robert           Mitchell         Clemmons            
Accounting                                                      Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Charles          Russell          Cowley, III         
History                                                         Maylene          Alabama                                     
Charles          Tyler            Creamer             
Chemistry                                                       Killen           Alabama                                     
Jacqueline                        Daniels             
Accounting                                                      Brick            New Jersey                                     
Audrey           Kaison           Darden              
History                                                         Wetumpka         Alabama                                     
Samantha         Leeann           Davis               
Elementary Education                                            Prattville       Alabama                                     
Dexter           Nathanael        Dean                
Biochemistry                                                    Clanton          Alabama                                     
Tiffany          LaFran           Dean                
Biochemistry                                                    Dothan           Alabama                                     
Julia            Anna             Denney              
Political Science                                               Valparaiso       Florida                                     
Mary             Kathryn          Dismuke             
Psychology                                                      Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Friedrich        Alexander        Dunkel              
Mathematics                                                     Montgomery       Alabama Germany                             
Courtney         Nicole           Fullmer             
Undeclared                                                      Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Ronald           Van              Fullove             
Athletic Training                                               Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Carlee           Elizabeth        Gardner             
Business Administration                                           Sylacauga        Alabama                                     
Mary             Katherine        Garrigan            
Communication Studies                                            Tallahassee      Florida                                     
Mary             Elizabeth        Gasson              
Music                                                           Clanton          Alabama                                     
Kathryn          Hoffmaster       Gerlach             
Religion                                                        Montgomery       Alabama
Robyn            Joy              Getsee              
Psychology/English                                    Chesterfield     Virginia                                     
Breanna          Jilene           Giordana            
Mathematics                                                     Kaukauna         Wisconsin                                     
Brittani         Alyss            Golson              
Elementary Education                                            Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Jordan           Ross             Green               
Accounting                                                      Muscle Shoals    Alabama                                     
Jarett           Phillip          Hall                
Business Administration                                           Northport        Alabama                                     
Gloria           Sabrina          Henderson           
Psychology                                                      Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Kellie           Rebecca          Hilton              
Chemistry                                                       Monroeville      Alabama                                     
Louis            G.               Hines               
Physical Education                                              Gulf Breeze      Florida                                     
Stevie           Barton           Hunter              
Elementary Education                                            Prattville       Alabama                                     
Han Saem                          Hur                 
Sport Studies                                                   Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Kimberly         Suzanne          Jenkins             
Biology                                                         Dothan           Alabama                                     
Karin            Alexis           Johnson             
English                                                         Wetumpka         Alabama                                     
Sarah            Callie           Jones               
Religion                                                        Enterprise       Alabama                                     
Jennifer         Lee              Keith               
Music                                                           Talladega        Alabama                                     
Heather          Brehonna         Kelly               
Religion/English                                    Deatsville       Alabama                                     
Michael          Raymond          Kilpatrick          
History                                                         Luverne          Alabama                                     
Sherry           Leigh            Lacey               
Psychology/Business Administration                       Lapine           Alabama
Amanda           Paige            Lathem              
Chemistry                                                       Daphne           Alabama                                     
Colby            Pate             Leonard             
Religion                                                        Coker            Alabama                                     
Cameron          Bentley          Lewis               
Physical Education                                              McDonough        Georgia                                     
Bethany          Lynn             Martin              
Psychology                                                      Enterprise       Alabama                                     
Kathryn          Ashley           Martin              
Psychology                                                      Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Kelsey           Nicole           McGuire             
Biology/English                                    Hope Hull        Alabama                                     
Kristy           Lynn             McLendon            
Elementary Education                                            Midfield         Alabama                                     
Gloria           Storm            McWhorter           
Chemistry                                                       Pike Road        Alabama                                     
Zachary          Ryan             Molin               
Psychology                                                      Greenville       Mississippi                                     
Erin             Elaine           Ofe                 
English                                                         Montgomery       Alabama
Harlan           Scott            Owenby              
Athletic Training                                               Eclectic         Alabama                                     
Taylor           Leigh            Paradowski           
Communication Studies                                            Decatur          Georgia                                     
Hunter           Michael          Pattison            
Political Science                                               Shalimar         Florida                                     
Ryan             Heath            Payne               
Athletic Training                                               Opelika          Alabama                                     
Kristin          Faye             Perdue              
English                                                         Prattville       Alabama                                     
Quintarious      Marquez          Perdue              
Biochemistry                                                    Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Dominik                           Platen              
Digital Art                                                     Lich             Germany Germany                             
Kevin            Randall          Plyler              
Mathematics                                                     Morris           Alabama                                     
Cerina           Renee            Proehl              
Music                                                           Crestview        Florida                                     
Joshua           Glen             Pyeatt              
Biochemistry                                                    Navarre          Florida                                     
Kari             Marie            Ranczka             
Elementary Education                                            Ozark            Alabama                                     
Shelby           Lynn             Robinson            
Mathematics                                                     Spanish Fort     Alabama
Karina           Michelle         Scott               
Psychology                                                      Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Taryn            Bianca           Scott               
Communication Studies                                            Summerdale       Alabama
James            Kenneth          Smith               
Accounting                                                      Prattville       Alabama                                     
Steven           Grady            Smith               
Accounting                                                      New Brockton     Alabama                                     
Margaret         Wesley           Smithart            
Religion                                                        Union Springs    Alabama                                     
Lara             Katharine        Stubbs              
Mathematics                                                     Waverly          Alabama                                     
Linda            Carol            Swayne              
Religion                                                        Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Andrew           Jonathan         Swift               
Chemistry                                                       Cocoa            Florida                                     
Gabriell         Nicole Hall           Terry               
Biology                                                         Elmore           Alabama                                     
Shirin           Nell             Torabinejad         
Undeclared                                                      Huntsville       Alabama                                     
Jacob            S.               Tuley               
History/English                                    Pensacola        Florida                                     
Zachary          Allen            Turner              
Political Science                                               Citronelle       Alabama                                     
Virginia         Elizabeth        Tyson               
Chemistry                                                       Robertsdale      Alabama                                     
Courtney         Reiko            Van Deventer        
Athletic Training                                               Millbrook        Alabama                                     
Christian        Elizabeth        Vick                
Cell Biology                                                    Sylacauga        Alabama                                     
Allison          F                Vuyovich            
Religion                                                        Andalusia        Alabama                                     
Katherine        Deborah          Wachob              
English                                                         Pensacola        Florida                                     
Warren           Matthew          Ward                
Accounting                                                      Montgomery       Alabama                                     
Samantha         Lee              Wesson              
Psychology                                                      Ocean Springs    Mississippi                                     
Micaela          Ivanna           White               
Business Administration                                            McKinney         Texas                                     
Arlyn            Leigh            Williams            
Elementary Education                                            McDonough        Georgia                                     
Amanda           Lynne            Wineman             
Political Science/History                                    Cut Bank         Montana                                     
Micah            Aaron            Wright              
Music/Religion                                   Madison          Alabama                                     
Chimedlkham                       Zorigtbaatar        
Business Administration                                            Bulgan              Mongolia                            

Dean's List of Honors, Fall 2011
Lauren           Elizabeth        Adam                 Religion                                                        Wetumpka         Alabama
Ashley           Jordan           Adams                Elementary Education                                            Pell City        Alabama
Lawrence         Wesley           Anderson             Religion/Communication Studies                       Clanton          Alabama
Jessica          Lauren           Andrews              Physical Education                                              Montgomery       Alabama
Kelly            Lane             Brennan              Sport Studies                                                   Chelsea          Alabama
Amy              Kathryn          Brown                Psychology                                                      Midland City     Alabama
Keston           Drew             Chatman              Athletic Training                                               Marbury          Alabama
Rebekah          Ann              Correia              Biology/Psychology                                 Deatsville       Alabama
Megan            Nichole          Cox                  Accounting                                                      Millbrook        Alabama
Jaclyn           Marie            Crossman             Cell Biology                                                    Somers Point     New Jersey
Jared            Gregory          Davidson             Mathematics                                                     Jacksonville     Florida
Daniel           Clark            Davis                Religion                                                        Mathews          Alabama
Whitney          Elizabeth        Denney               Sport Studies                                                   Valparaiso       Florida
Jessica          Michelle         Dickson              Cell Biology                                                    Mc Calla         Alabama
Hope             Elizabeth        Eakins               Communication Studies                                            Montgomery       Alabama
Michael          Jared            Edge                 Biology                                                         Highland Home    Alabama
Sarah            Nicole           Fell                 Music                                                           Mobile           Alabama
Tara             Brittney         Fox                  English                                                         Kimberly         Alabama
Brandy           Elizabeth        Freeman              Communication Studies                                            Mobile           Alabama
Michelle         Marays           Gonzalez             Business Administration                                           San Antonio      Texas
Jessie           Fowler           Grant                Elementary Education                                            Atlanta          Georgia
Wesley           Benjamin         Guy                  Undeclared                                                      Sylacauga        Alabama
Jeremy           Tyler            Hall                 Physical Education                                              Roanoke          Alabama
Katy             Rebekah          Hall                 Undeclared                                                      Prattville       Alabama
Amber            Renee            Hartley              Accounting                                                      Prattville       Alabama
Sarah            Beth             Jernigan             Cell Biology                                                    Eufaula          Alabama
Rebecca          Ashley           Jordan               English                                                         Montgomery       Alabama
Griffin          Peter            Just                 Sport Studies                                                   Birmingham       Alabama
Corey            Lee              Killough             History                                                         Rienzi           Mississippi
Heather          Deon             King                 English                                                         Brewton          Alabama
Malon            Graham           King                 Biology                                                         Marbury          Alabama
Nicole           Yvette           Kobs                 Music                                                           Prattville       Alabama
Jeani            Lynnea           Layson               Biochemistry                                                    Opelika          Alabama
James            Michael          Letson               Music                                                           Hayden           Alabama
Zachary          Forrest          Mayhew               Athletic Training                                               Montgomery       Alabama
Caitlin          June             McMahon              Sport Studies                                                   Cortland         New York
Emily            Ann              Minor                Elementary Education                                            Montgomery       Alabama
Courtney         Raschad          Mitchell             Biology                                                         Phenix City      Alabama
Tanjanik         C.               Munford              Biochemistry                                                    Anniston         Alabama
Sherman          Matthew          Murphree             History                                                         Cleveland        Alabama
Britni           Leigh            Northington          Athletic Training                                               Sulligent        Alabama
Kayla            Lynn             Northington          Human Performance                                               Sulligent        Alabama
Katherine        Ann              Norwood              Undeclared                                                      Butler           Alabama
Keith            Edward           Paulk                Business Administration/Accounting                                 Lapine           Alabama
Alyce            Frances          Penniman             Religion                                                        Canton           Georgia
Larry            Matthew          Pritchett            Accounting/Business Administration                       Wetumpka         Alabama
John             Hobson           Rice                 History                                                         Decatur          Georgia
Justin           Tyler            Robinson             History                                                         Oxford           Alabama
Kalynne          Emily            Scott                Biology                                                         Clanton          Alabama
Brandon          Tyler            Sewell               Biology                                                         Elkton           Maryland
Kristi           Nicole           Taylor               Biology                                                         Carrollton       Georgia
Ryne             Tyme             Taylor               Mathematics                                                     Andalusia        Alabama
Jessica          Helen            Todd                 Biology                                                         Deatsville       Alabama
Jason            Jeffrey          Varney               Communication Studies                                           Pace             Florida
Brandon          Craig            Veach                Business Administration/Chemistry                                  Pike Road        Alabama
Austin           Alan             Veteto               Undeclared                                                      Birmingham       Alabama
Ryan             James            White                Physical Education                                              Columbus         Georgia
Austin           Douglas          Worley               Cell Biology                                                    Milton           Florida

Huntingdon College, grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition of the United Methodist Church, is committed to nurturing growth in faith, wisdom, and service and to graduating individuals prepared to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Founded in 1854, Huntingdon is a coeducational liberal arts college. The College motto, "Enter to grow in wisdom; go forth to apply wisdom in service," is inscribed in stone above the front door of John Jefferson Flowers Hall.  The campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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