2013–2014 Cultural and Community Events

 The 2014 Baccalaureate Service will be held at 5:00 p.m., Friday, May 16 

Graduation Information (Saturday, May 17, 2014)

Tanjanik Munford

HC Profiles

Tanjanik Munford '15

Academic Departments

Office of Academic Affairs

Small classes 


Sidney J. Stubbs, Ph.D., Provost and Dean of the College

Rebecca Masic, Executive Assistant to the Provost

Institutional Assessment and Compliance

Adrienne Strickland Gaines '00, Assistant to the Provost for Institutional Assessment and Compliance

Academic Enrichment

Chad Eggleston, Ph.D., Special Assistant to the Provost

Academic Programs


  • Majors: Art, Digital Art 
  • Minor: Art


  • Majors: Biology, Cell Biology 
  • Minors: Biology, Marine Science
  • Teacher Certification: Biology (grades 6–12)


  • Majors: Business Administration, Accounting (Four-Year or Five-Year/CPA)
  • Additional Options: Business Administration major with Endorsement in Economics and Finance 
  • Minor: Business Administration


Communication Studies

  • Major: Communication Studies 
  • Minors: Communication Studies, Media Studies


Language & Literature

  • Major: English 
  • Concentrations: Creative Writing, Film Studies, Theatre
  • Minors: English, Creative Writing, Foreign Language, Women’s Studies
  • Teacher Certification: English Language Arts (grades 6–12)



  • Major: Music (with emphasis in piano, voice, organ, or other instrument), and P–12 Music Education (vocal/choral or instrumental)
  • Concentration: Worship Leadership (in the Music major)
  • Minor: Music
  • Teacher Certification: Music (P–12)

Political Science  

  • Major:  Political Science 
  • Minor:  Political Science


  • Major: Psychology 
  • Minor: Psychology


  • Majors: Religion, Christian Education, Youth Ministry 
  • Minor: Religion

Sport Sciences and Physical Education

  • Majors: Physical Education (P–12 Teacher Certification), Sport Studies 
  • Concentrations (Sport Studies major only): Sport Management, Exercise Science
  • Minor: Sport Studies

Teacher Education

  • Major: Elementary/Collaborative Special Education (K–6)
  • Secondary Certification: Biology, Chemistry, English Language Arts, History, and Mathematics
  • P–12 Certification: Music, Physical Education

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