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Tori Jackson '15

Huntingdon College Attendance Policy


There is a clear and obvious link between class attendance and performance.  Simply put, students who come to class regularly and well-prepared tend to do significantly better than students who do not.  The attendance policy at Huntingdon College was developed based on two simple foundations:

  • First, students should go to class. 
  • Second, there will be good reasons why students might sometimes miss class. 

Rather than have the students negotiate with individual faculty members about whether an absence should be considered legitimate, the Office of Academic Affairs has a policy in place so that students discuss the issue with this office, and we notify faculty members when students are excused. 

Simply put, “attending all classes at Huntingdon College is mandatory.  Students with repeated unexcused absences shall be penalized, with the precise penalty being left to the individual faculty member.  Each syllabus shall clearly indicate how attendance is factored into the student's grade. 

Huntingdon College distinguishes between excused and unexcused absences.  Excused absences are not expressly penalized, and faculty should make reasonable efforts to work with students to make up missed exams or quizzes.  It is the student's responsibility to catch up on lost material by contacting other students.

Any absence is considered unexcused unless it meets one of the following criteria:

  • School sanctioned event at which the student functions as a representative of the College (e.g. athletics, choir, field trips, etc.).  Students must notify the faculty member in advance.
  • Medical reasons.  Students must have documentation from the Director of Student Health Services or a physician.  Students must fill out an "Excused Absence Form" with the Director of Student Health Services.
  • Family emergency.  Students must fill out a "Excused Absence Form" with the Office of Student Life.
  • Graduate school or job interview.  Students must fill out an "Excused Absence Form" with the Office of Academic Affairs in advance.
  • Exceptional cases approved by the Office of Academic Affairs.  Students must fill out an "Excused Absence Form" with the Office of Academic Affairs.

The purpose of the policy is to encourage students to attend classes, while recognizing that for the cases described above, the student should be excused.  The student will still be responsible for all missed material, but will not be explicitly penalized for his or her  absence.


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