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ADCP Graduation Information, Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tanjanik Munford

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Tanjanik Munford '15

Adult Degree Completion Program

Center Point Courses and Modules

Note: The following courses last 5 weeks unless otherwise (*) noted. Click on the course code below to access the module (PDF). Contact the Webmaster should any problems occur.


Session 1

Code Title
ADCP 301 Introduction to ADCP
HIST315  Alabama History
PHSC301  Natural Science
MATH175  Math Concepts

Session 2

Code Title
ADCP 301  Introduction to ADCP
MGMT315 Organizational Theory and Behavior
ENGL324 Literature of the American South

Session 3

Code Title
ADCP 301 Introduction to ADCP
MGMT333 Entrepeneurship
REL323 Paul and His Letters

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