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ADCP Graduation Information, Saturday, May 17, 2014

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Adult Degree Completion Program

Health Management Concentration

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You can be at the forefront of one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing industries with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Health Management, offered at Huntingdon’s ADCP campuses in Birmingham-LSCCDaphne, Opelika, and Pell City. The curriculum provides you with a solid foundation in business concepts and health management to ensure that you will be well-prepared for contemporary health workplace challenges. Get ready to put your passion for helping people into action in a variety of health organizations, such as hospitals, public health agencies, long-term care facilities, physician group practices, and managed-care facilities. If you are working in the health industry or would like to begin a career in this growing field, Huntingdon’s Business Management Degree with a concentration in Health Management is right for you!

  • Classes one night a week
  • Five-week sessions
  • SACS accredited
  • Financial aid available




Business (BUS)
BUS303 - Foundations of Marketing (3)
BUS311 - Foundations of Finance (3)

Management (MGMT)
MGMT211 - Introduction to Health Care (3)
MGMT312 - Foundations of Management (3)
MGMT319 - Legal Issues in Health Care (3)


Business (BUS)
BUS329 - Foundations of Quantitative Methods (3)

Management (MGMT)
MGMT315 - Organizational Theory and Behavior (3)
MGMT318 - Management of Health Care (3)
MGMT330 - Project Management (3)
MGMT331 - Management Information Systems (3)
MGMT406 - Human Resource Management (3)
MGMT408 - Ethics in Management (3)
MGMT497 - Research and Application in Health Care (3)
MGMT499 - Business Policy and Decision Making (3)

For more information about the Health Management Concentration, contact the site coordinators at the appropriate sites.

Criminal Justice Minors in Management and General Administration/Psychology

As a Criminal Justice major, you can work as a law enforcement officer, corrections officer, probation officer, evidence technician, private investigator, or paralegal. The Criminal Justice field includes a variety of positions beyond criminal law enforcement. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), positions in criminal justice are growing at a rapid rate.

Our Criminal Justice Major offers the option of two Minors. 

Minor in Management requires completion of 18 hours. Six courses must be chosen from:

1. BUS303 Foundations of Marketing (3)
2. BUS322 Legal environment of Business (3)
3. ECO201* Foundations of Microeconomics (3)
4. MGMT312 Foundations of Management (3)
5. MGMT315 Organizational Theory and Behavior (3)
6. MGMT333 Entrepreneurship (3)
7. MGMT406 Human Resource Management (3)

Minor in General Administration/Psychology requires completion of 18 hours. Five courses must be chosen from:

1. CMST242 Interpersonal Communication (3)
2. ECO201* Foundations of Microeconomics (3)
3. ECO202* Foundations of Macroeconomics (3)
4. MGMT406 Human Resource Management
5. PSC 201* American Government (3)
6. PSYC201* General Psychology (3)

One course must be chosen from:

1. MGMT 315 Organizational Theory and Behavior (3)
2. PSYC 307* Theories of Personality (3)
3. PSYC 311* Psychology of Women (3)
4. PSYC 404* Abnormal Psychology (3)

*Course satisfies a requirement in the College’s Core.

(Neither Minor is available to students in the Business Management Major or the Health Management Concentration.)

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