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ADCP Graduation Information, Saturday, May 17, 2014

Tori Jackson '15

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Tori Jackson '15

B.S. in International Business Management (Gadsden Site)

ADCP Commencement 2011 

Huntingdon College's Adult Degree Completion Program offers a Bachelor of Science in International Business Management at the Gadsden, Alabama, site.  With the continuing expansion of the global economy, a degree in international business prepares individuals for careers in economic, political, and social systems at all levels. Gone are the days of operating in an insular environment. Most organizations—public and private, for-profit and non-profit—now operate in worldwide, as well as local, environments. Organizations now must take into account the broader perspectives of trade regulations, working in different languages and with cultural differences across borders, and expansion into markets where the needs and wants of international customers are different from local market needs. Other countries value college degrees highly, and having an international degree, as well as international contacts and an ongoing knowledge of world affairs, customs, and business etiquette, gives graduates an advantage in the marketplace.

This degree prepares graduates for careers as international business professionals. With basic courses in marketing, management, and financial management, as well as five major courses focusing on the dynamics of business in a global environment, graduates in this program will be prepared for work in international sales and marketing, international trade, international economics, export marketing, international banking, or cultural research, among other areas of expertise. Companies and organizations that serve the international marketplace value employees who have degrees in international business.

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